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The DVLA are the source of most of the information you can get about vehicles. They have two websites that you can get information form - the Vehicle Enquiry Service and the Vehicle MOT History.

Vehicle Enquiry Service

This is the better of the two DVLA websites. Given just the registration plate you can find out a lot of information about the vehicle, for free.

Head over to:


and enter your registration number. You'll then be asked to confirm the manufacturer and colour of the vehicle.

Introductory page of the DVLA vehicle checker

The DVLA site will now tell you two basic but vital pieces of information:

  1. When the vehicle's tax was either last due or is due, and
  2. When the vehicle's MOT expired or will expire.
List of contents:
  1. Track Your Vehicle Down
  2. The British Newspaper Archive
  3. The British Newspaper Archive - Continued
  4. Is Your Car Still Insured?
  5. The DVLA Websites: Look Up Your Car
  6. Your DVLA Car Records
  7. SORNed Or Scrapped Car?
  8. Commercial Vehicle Reports
  9. What The Car Data Looks Like
  10. How Many Left
  11. Use RegArchive And VRegs In Depth To Trace Cars
  12. Contacting The DVLA For Car Information

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