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We list all UK modern vehicle registrations from September the 1st 2001 (the '51 plate series) to the current day (the '15 registration plate). You can search for your vehicle registration at the top of each page in the search box. When you find your vehicle registration page, please feel free to add any photos and comments about your vehicle. Use the links on the right hand side of each page to add photos and comments/memories.

Latest User Comments

Volkswagen T4, reg YJ56MJK submitted by Joedinator87, Worcestershire, 6.13pm Mon March 12th 2018

"I remember that PTS minibus no. 3843 from Shearbridge Depot that used to take 3 people including us t..."

Mercedes Benz Sprinter, reg WX08BFY submitted by Joedinator87, Worcestershire, 5.56pm Mon March 12th 2018

"I remember that PTS minibus no. 3935 from Shearbridge Depot that used to take us to Southfield Summer..."

LDV Maxus, reg GN07KXJ submitted by Joedinator87, Worcestershire, 5.48pm Mon March 12th 2018

"I remember that 3855 PTS minibus from Shearbridge Depot that used to take us to Delius Special School..."

Mercedes Benz Sprinter, reg WX08BHY submitted by Joedinator87, Worcestershire, 5.42pm Mon March 12th 2018

"Back in early 2009, I remember that WYTS (West Yorkshire Transport Service)/PTS (Passenger Transport ..."

Volkswagen T4, reg SF54PFY submitted by Joedinator87, Worcestershire, 5.38pm Mon March 12th 2018

"I remember that Bradford Council/PTS minibus no. 3879 from Shearbridge Depot back in July 2010. It wa..."

Mercedes Benz Vario, reg NK54ONJ submitted by Joedinator87, Worcestershire, 5.08pm Mon March 12th 2018

"I remember that PTS minibus no. 3821 from Shearbridge Depot that used to take us late to Delius Speci..."

Ford Transit, reg YE57OBH submitted by Joedinator87, Worcestershire, 4.08pm Sat March 10th 2018

"Back in September 2010, I remember that 3867 PTS minibus from Shearbridge Depot that used to take us ..."

Ford Transit, reg YF57PKC submitted by Joedinator87, Worcestershire, 3.49pm Sat March 10th 2018

"On 3 April 2015, the PTS minibus no. 3864 from Shearbridge Depot had its first MOT passed when it fai..."

Saab 9-5, reg WA54DFE submitted by Sarnia SAAB, 12.39pm Fri March 2nd 2018

"Seen Rownhams Services, Hampshire, October 2017, seemingly abandoned (Last MOT 2016?). Basically look..."

Ford Transit, reg YF57PJY submitted by Joedinator87, Worcestershire, 4.41pm Sun February 25th 2018

"Back in August 2013, I've been on this PTS minibus no. 3865 from Shearbridge Depot that took me ..."

Ford Transit, reg YF57PLV submitted by Joseph Mama, Worcestershire, 10.37am Sun February 25th 2018

"Back in July 2011, I remember that PTS minibus no. 3863 from Shearbridge Depot that used to them to t..."

Fiat Tipo, reg RG57GWS, 8.04am Tue February 13th 2018

"Hey I'd love to track my old Fiat down. Well, she's not so old, but I loved her and would l..."

Volkswagen Touareg, reg OO11PJB, 4.53pm Thu January 25th 2018

"Annoying blue flashing light on the back of the rearview mirror, visible through the windscreen. One..."

Vauxhall Vectra, reg VX07KBU submitted by Sally Edwards, Shropshire, 9.57am Tue January 23rd 2018

"Had a ride in this Vectra once. Beautiful Vauxhall, nothing like their base models. Went like BillyOh..."

Ford Fiera, reg BG08HYT submitted by Kelly Johnson, Hampshire, 6.11pm Mon January 15th 2018

"Like to buy this car back! Loved it very much. I think I left a pair of favourite gloves in the glove..."

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